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  • Automotive Chip Keys

    What is a Transponder Key?

    Almost all new cars on the road today use a transponder key. These are devices that are designed to transmit a signal from your key to a remote receiver. While most commonly…

  • Safe Cracking

    Types of Locks

    Selecting locks for your home or business can be overwhelming. There are a lot of varieties and options to choose from. Every set of locks has its own pros and cons. Padlocks…

  • Lock Bumping

    What is Lock Bumping?

    Lock bumping is a technique used by criminals to open cylinder and deadbolt locks by using a bump key. It allows a large variety of locks to be opened quickly. This technique…

  • How Do Locks Work

    How do Locks Work?

    Locks have been around for a long time. There are many different types of locks which all work in a slightly different way. Some are simple and open with a key or…

  • Electronic Locks

    About Electronic Door Locks

    Electronic door locks remove the need for keys. They come with one or more means of entry, including keypad, fingerprint, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), or Bluetooth. There are electronic locks that use…