Residential Locksmith

Lock PickingBuying a home is often the biggest investment you will ever make, and you should always feel safe with your security system. Being a go-to locksmith for homeowners in MA, Bedford Lock & Key has helped thousands of families feel comfortable after investing in our extensive residential security services.

Bedford Lock & Key sells, installs, services, and repairs the following systems:


  • Master system re-key, key replacement
  • Locks: dead bolts, door knobs, lever sets, handle sets, mortise
  • Chair door guards, door knockers, door stoppers, door viewers, sash locks
  • Mailbox locks, mail slots
  • Decorative and antique locks, old fashioned keys
  • Keyless entry locks
  • Garage door locks
  • Anti-bumping locks


With over 40 years of experience working on old and new homes, Bedford Lock & Key’s experts can determine the changes and repairs to make to your current key and lock systems to give you the peace of mind you have been searching for.

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