Keeping Your Home Safe On Vacation

As the summer heats up, you may find yourself itching to take that road trip or beach vacation you’ve been dreaming about all winter long. Before you pack your bags, the kids and the car, make sure your home is kept safe by following these steps! Pause All Deliveries A key indicator that you’ve left […]

Why You Should Rekey Your Home This Summer

Did you recently move? Are the locks on your home’s exterior doors the same ones from moving day? You should consider rekeying your locks in order to increase your home’s security and prevent anyone with older copies of the key from entering the home. Rekeying your home allows you to keep your current lock while […]

Why Isn’t My Car Key Working?

You’re about to go on errands or you’re trying to leave for an appointment when something strange happens: your car key won’t work. Whether it won’t turn in the ignition or just won’t start, a problem with your key can be distressing. Below are some causes of your car key woes: Your Key is Damaged […]

Securing Your Home This Spring

With temperatures creeping up, burglary rates will be on the rise. Over two million homes are broken into across the country each year, with spikes during summer months. Thieves will be on the lookout for portable goods that will be able to sell quickly and for a profit. Securing your home’s entry points will keep […]

Why Your New Key Doesn’t Work

Plenty of people out there will use search engines with phrases like, “copy keys near me,” and choose to use the first hardware store they find. Not long after, they are reaching out to the professionals at Bedford Lock & Key and asking us why their new duplicate key isn’t working. We understand the frustration- […]

What to Do If Your Child or Pet in is Locked in a Car

It’s the dead of summer and with the heat and humidity in full swing, anyone or anything left outside during the daytime hours could be subject to heat exhaustion and other severe sun-related illnesses. There has been more than one occasion when we have been called regarding small children and pets being accidentally locked in […]

Why Are Transponder Keys So Expensive?

For any person who has completely lost their car keys in the past or knows someone who has, it is met with frustration because the replacement is not as simple or inexpensive as a new house key. A transponder key is an investment, and Bedford Lock & Key has helped many people cut and program […]

What Makes Bedford a Premier Locksmith in MA?

Anyone who is serious about being prepared for any situation knows how important it is to have a local locksmith in MA on speed dial. You never know when you will be locked out of your car, home, or business and might need assistance. There are locksmiths all over the state, but there a few […]

What to Do After Locking Yourself Out of Your Car

You’re walking out of the grocery store, and you notice that your keys are nowhere to be found in your pocket or purse. You can feel your heart drop into your stomach, and we understand the initial reaction. Bedford Lock & Key knows that being locked out of your vehicle is never ideal, but we […]

Why Restore Your Antique Lock and Keys?

New England is filled with old homes that hold history and generations of craftsmanship. When renovating or even just repairing some aspects of these buildings, it can be tricky to get the restoration correct. Antique keys fall into that same category. This small element can add so much character to your home, but they often […]

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